Issue 80, Education Guide 2017

Access – a supportive path to success at the U of M

    Pathways to success: The Access Program from Extended Education Access combines the place, people and programs that help students succeed on their university journey. Someti mes students face obstacles on the way to academic success, be they social, economic or health-related. Regardless of barriers that can make the path forward seem difficult, students can find their way with the supportive ... Read More »

Heather Shotton – Profile

In October, 2016 Dr. Heather Shotton, a Native American studies professor at Oklahoma University, was named Educator of the Year by the National Indian Education Association. Shotton’s areas of expertise and interests include indigenous women, indigenous leadership and indigenous higher education. Shotton has received numerous accolades, including the Outstanding Research Award in 2015, which was presented by the NASPA Indigenous Peoples ... Read More »

Nathan Matthew- Profile

  Nathan Matthew lives in the Simpcw community of Chu Chua, with his wife of forty-seven years, Marie. His son, Mark is married to Nicole (Paquin) and they have two children, Lucas and Rayel. Nathan received his formal education from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Recreation Education in 1972, and in 1990, he received his Masters ... Read More »

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