Issue 67, Summer 2015

Issue 67, Summer 2015

SAY Magazine’s Summer 2015 Issue features Aboriginal Day Live & Celebration, Hopi Katsina Dolls, Grand River Employment and Training, Native Women plus much more. What’s inside this issue:   Read More »

In Honor of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we asked Franco Buscemi and Cara Currie Hall … ‘What is the Bravest, Boldest thing you have ever done as a Parent?’ Franco Buscemi, General Manager of the Uqsuq Corporation, Iqaluit, Nunavut responded: “The bravest thing I’ve done as a father is accept failure in one aspect of my life without it ... Read More »

Aboriginal Day LIVE & celebration

What are Your Plans the Weekend of National Aboriginal Day? The arrival of the summer solstice and National Aboriginal Day on June 21 can’t come soon enough. At the network, the APTN family is in the midst of planning its 9th annual Aboriginal Day Live & Celebration (ADL&C) on Saturday, June 20 to honour the day. It’s a tradition for ... Read More »

Grand River Employment and Training (GREAT)

The Work Ready Aboriginal People (WRAP) Program is a program that targets Aboriginal Youth ages 18 -30 years old. The focus of the program is to provide an opportunity for Aboriginal Youth to gain exposure to a number of trades through attending various Union Training facilities. They also gain a number of safety certifications as these are needed to start ... Read More »

Hopi Katsina Dolls

The word kachina (kah-chee-nah) has long been used by outsiders to refer to any of the hundreds of spiritual beings central to Hopi religious life as well as to the dolls that depict them. However, according to the Hopi, katsina (kahts-ee-nah) is more correct and preferred. In English, the plural of kachina is kachinas, but in the Hopi language the ... Read More »

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