Issue 73, Spring 2016


Union BY Choice If you want to be as good as you can, gain as much knowledge and information as you can. This has been the life mantra of 83 year old LiUNA Pipeline Labourer Leonard Lake. Still working on pipeline projects to this day, Mr. Lake has enjoyed a successful 70 year career because as he puts it, “all ... Read More »

An Employer’s Perspective

BRIAN PELLETIER An Employer’s Perspective Brian Pelletier works for the IUOE Local 793 / OETIO as their Aboriginal Coordinator since April 2013. Prior to this, Brian worked for the Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario (AABO) for a number of years after retiring from the Federal Government of Canada where he spent 33 years. The primary focus over Brian’s career is ... Read More »

Skid Row CEO

Skid Row CEO – Joe Roberts Keynote Speaker at 2016 Vision Quest Conference Ever found yourself stuck in life? For some it’s depression and poor grades, for others it may be more serious. So how do you rebound from tough stuff like drugs, gangs, crime and homelessness? How do we recover from what feels like impossible odds? Each of us ... Read More »

“The Revenant Star” Duane E. Howard: ‘I wanted to be somebody.’

Duane was born (1963) in the Nuu-chahnulth First Nations territory, located on the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. He spent his early childhood in Port Alberni, Canada, and moved to Vancouver at the age of 14, with his older sister following his parents’ separation. Howard had already been using drugs and alcohol for four years. As ... Read More »

Author’s Corner

The Impact Work Will Have on My Life By Nikita Hart-Cowley Duke of Marlborough School I believe work will have an important impact on my life. At the moment, while going to school, having a job isn’t difficult,but it gives you less time to yourself during the night time, what with school work,extracurricular activities and time with friends. The biggest ... Read More »

Bethany Yellowtail

Born and raised in southern Montana,Bethany Yellowtail is a proud member of the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Tribes.As a youth she expressed interest in clothing-making and learned basic sewing skills from her grandmother and auntie.It was a teacher in Bethany’s high school Home Economics class who intervened to get her into the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in ... Read More »

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