Issue 81, Spring 2017

Vision Quest Conference & Trade Show 2017 – Keynote Presenters

Vision Quest 2017 is upon us May 16-18, 2017!   Two keynote presenters at this year’s event are Kyle Nobess and Adam Beach, who are both from Manitoba. Both are exceptional role models – the youth delegates, as well as mature delegates (including middle-age moms and dads) will be inspired by both these delightful men. KYLE NOBESS was born and ... Read More »

Publisher’s Message: Building a Skilled Native Workforce

Building a Skilled Native Workforce Some of the challenges around building a ‘skilled native workforce’ include employer expectations – employers are wanting to have 10 or 20 or 30 skilled people from whom to choose staff. Our numbers of Indigenous people in North America are rarely able to offer those numbers of skilled workers to one employer. Keeping in mind ... Read More »

The First Aboriginal Broadcaster in the World from the Centre of Canada

Writer: Pamela Vernaus, APTN Communications Coordinator Winnipeg, MB is where you will find Aboriginal Peoples Television Network’s (APTN) headquarters, representing all Aboriginal cultures and one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People. APTN is a game changer not only on TV but also in commitments to its employees. With a team collaborating to create its environment that honours Aboriginal values and ... Read More »

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