Issue 83, Summer 2017

APTN Aboriginal Day Live – Eight Cities, One Great Gathering

by Pamela Vernaus | APTN Communications Coordinator There are many Peoples living under the Canadian tent, and for one day, the first day of summer, we will come together to celebrate “One Great Gathering.” On June 21, 2017, National Aboriginal Day, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) will bring Aboriginal Day Live (ADL) to eight cities: Halifax, Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Yellowknife, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Year after ... Read More »

AICCNM Native American Youth Empowerment Symposium

by Kim Baca As the students step up to receive their money, their eyes grow as big as quarters as they are given $30,000 in cash. Soon they start buying houses, vehicles, rent an apartment, food or get things for daily life. “Ah, I lost my truck,” says one student who had his vehicle repossessed after he missed two payments, forgot ... Read More »

The Yazidis – An Ancient Indigenous People

by K.R. Evans This is the second article that looks at Indigenous people from other parts of the world. In the last magazine we talked about the Berbers of Morocco. This time we are talking about the Yazidis, and ancient Indigenous community of Mesopotamia of which 200 members now live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Winnipeg is a centre for the Yazidis as there ... Read More »

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