Aboriginal Small Business Management

Starting up your own business can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right knowledge and skills necessary as a first- time entrepreneur. The Aboriginal Small Business Management Program is a recognized Ontario Colleges Certificate offered in partnership with Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology and Ogwehoweh Skills and Trades Training Centre (OSTTC). The two-semester program for Indigenous peoples ... Read More »

Do you consider it “nerdy” to visit your Career Counsellor?

‘Building a personal relationship with the client first, rather than focusing on the creation of a productive professional relationship, may be a useful approach. Since each individual and each situation is unique, it is up to counselors to select and tailor the strategies by taking into account the local realities, the particular needs of each client, and their own strengths ... Read More »

Career Development

By L.C. Stanley So you are working for your community and have some specific skills – but now your kids want to go to a higher-learning institution situate in a non-native community. You would like to move your family and are pretty sure you have the experience required to obtain a job ‘off the res’. Great – but do you ... Read More »

Career Development – Two Realities

Career Development – Two Realities By L.C. Stanley This is such a complex topic! The late Bill Hanson, originally from a remote northern community in Canada, wrote a ground-breaking manual on programming named Dual Realities- Dual Strategies: The Future Paths of Aboriginal Peoples’ Development (1985) which is quoted and used world-wide. One major concept for the manual developed from the realization ... Read More »

Career Development – Common Requirements

By L.C. Stanley The idea is to make it easier for an employer to hire you by having some of the basic requirements to increase your chances of getting an interview. Basic requirements can include: (a) knowing what age you are required to have your own Social Security Number (SSN)/Social Insurance Number (SIN) (b) knowing at what age you can ... Read More »

Career Development – From The Employers’ Perspective

In order to become successfully employed, it helps to know what it is employers are looking for when recruiting. One of my colleagues observed that ‘rather than having employers go through Indigenous cross-cultural training, would it not make more sense to have our Indigenous people who are looking for jobs, go through training explaining what employers really want’. Firstly, let ... Read More »

Career Development – The Challenge

The Challenge: How do we get our Native people to understand that getting a job is highly competitive? A few weeks ago I was engaged to teach a short Workshop on Powerful Communication Writing to a small group of recent immigrant students. These students are extremely keen to beallowed to immigrate to Canada. Virtually all of them have made huge ... Read More »

High School Graduation

So – it’s happening again.  As school starts for the year, the emphasis is very much on increasing the number of Native high school graduates. How can one argue with that?  Our high school graduation numbers are far below the average of non-Native people; we all know that the gap in education attainment has a major impact on employment and ... Read More »


allows you to gain skills and experience in a number of ways allows you to show what you can do allows you to make some contacts in the world of ‘work’ allows you to obtain a reference allows you the opportunity to learn how the work world works allows you to take some ‘real’ experience back to the classroom and ... Read More »

Lost Opportunity

Very recently, I was contacted by a former employee. She had worked for me in two summer job placements for students and then in my own office. The summer jobs worked out well – she was conscientious, respectful and worked hard. That is why I hired her for my own business. Three or four years had passed and I thought ... Read More »

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