Going Places

Road to the Future

A small Mi’kmaq community in Nova Scotia pins its future on a $15 million highway interchange.  Rose Paul reaches for a box of fading, archived letters sitting on her filing cabinet at the band office of Paqinkek Mi’kmaw Nation.  “Here’s a letter from 1977, telling us we could not get full access to the other half of our own reserve, which was ... Read More »

Issue 75, Going Places

UP-AND-COMIN AND SEASONED ACTORS Cherokee-Blackfoot actress Malarie Drake, far right, is shown with “Te Ata” lead actress Q’orianka Kilcher, far left, and Chickasaw actress Lauren John. Malarie plays Te Ata’s sister, “Avis,” and Lauren portrays another sister “Gladys.” Kilcher is cast as the renowned storyteller and actress Te Ata Thompson Fisher. Malarie Drake, a Cherokee-Blackfoot child, learned the enormity of ... Read More »

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