Issue 62, Fall 2014 | Entrepreneurs

Issue 62, Fall 2014 | Entrepreneurs

Running Deer Resources

A new approach to Aboriginal community engagement Jamie Saulnier grew up in a small town in Northwestern Ontario where the bush provided adventure through hunting and fishing, as well as an income from trapping and guiding. His upbringing instilled a deep appreciation for Nature in all its seasons. Visits to the log cabins that he helped build as boy on ... Read More »

Cut Throat Customs

Daniel Sanchez is a Motorcycle Builder, Automotive, Residential and Commercial Fabricator with more than 20 years experience in his field. Voted as the Best Motorcycle Shop in Houston three times, Cut Throat Customs has become a mainstay in motorcycling in the region. Daniel has been a winner in various classes in the AMD Championship of Bike Building, Ultimate Builder Bike ... Read More »

NATIONTALK’s Indigenous Business & Finance Today

The Evolution of the Modern Aboriginal Entrepreneur For many centuries, pre-contact Aboriginal economies were grounded in natural resources — hunting, fishing, and agriculture. The land provided then, as now, the materials needed to fashion shelter, clothing, decorative art, games and tools—in short, all that is required for human survival and recreation. Aboriginal economies were a matter of harvesting, sharing, treaty-making ... Read More »


Lila Bruyere, a residential school survivor, never thought she would be attending Wilfrid Laurier University to earn her Master of Social Work with her son Shawn Johnston. Being in the same program, they saw each other every day, worked together on the same projects, and are in the same classroom together. Does this create a problem? Not at all. They ... Read More »

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