This Education guide is now available online so that readers and institutions can easily access the information. Also, institutions can now provide updates at any time during the year by completing the Education Guide Survey and submitting to SAY. In this way, changes and additions can be made on an on-going basis and when it is convenient.

The material in the attached Directory comes from counselors dealing with Native/Indigenous students. SAY asked the counselors what information is most requested by Native/Indigenous students and those questions are asked in the survey sent to institutions.

This will give a better understanding on the programs/services offered by the schools listed in the Directory, making it easier to find a good fit for students when choosing an institution to attend.

For further information and a full description of the programs/services offered, always review the institution’s website as there are constant changes. You will discover much information that the SAY Guide could not provide.
Although SAY Magazine has made every attempt to ensure material in the Guide is correct, this is not a comprehensive listing and SAY Magazine is not responsible for any errors or omissions.

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