The 22nd annual Vision Quest Conference & Trade Show was held May 15 to 17 at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The event welcomed over 90 exhibitors and 1000 attendees for a sold out show. Delegates travelled to Winnipeg for the event from across Canada, from as far away as Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, as well as from the United States. The delegation was as diverse as were the conference workshops and exhibitors. People from all walks of life came together to celebrate Indigenous business, community and economic development. Bustling with activity, the conference left delegates feeling re-energized and motivated to continue on their chosen paths.

“The whole [Vision Quest] experience was a breath of fresh air. The dynamics, diversity and opportunities offered at this event were beyond my expectations. I am excited to watch businesses and individuals grow personally and within the communities. Being a part of the gala was also a great honour. To feast with strangers who became acquaintances, to hear the speakers and singers, and to see the dancers was heart-warming and breathtaking. I am thankful for this privilege.”

– Kas Savage

Even Darrick Baxter can be star struck. “I’ve always been a sports fan and meeting Kas (Savage) at Vision Quest was amazing and even somewhat intimidating. You never realize how tall someone is until you meet them in person. Although I tried to hold back my excitement, I just couldn’t stop smiling. Kas is amazing!”

“The magnitude of this event was something I didn’t expect – it’s huge! People come here and they feel special because they are acknowledged in such a remarkable way. The overall decoration of the event helps people to feel like they are in a whole new class. It’s been running for 22 years, and it keeps getting bigger and better. To be a part of it as it continues to bloom and explode is an honour and privilege.”

– Earl Lambert

Dennis and Jennifer make up the musical duo Dena Zagi whose album Gucho Hin was nominated for Best Inuit, Indigenous Language or Francophone Album at the 2018 Indigenous Music Awards. While at the Manito Ahbee Festival in Winnipeg the pair took some time to visit with SAY at the Vision Quest trade show.

Dennis described his Vision Quest experience as “finding one-self with what you do best (Dih deni deka nintah miyeh diyeh endi yeh)”.

SAY Magazine was honoured to be a part of the event as a sponsor and trade show exhibitor.