The Impact Work Will Have on My Life

By Nikita Hart-Cowley
Duke of Marlborough School

I believe work will have an important impact on my life. At the moment, while going to school, having a job isn’t difficult,but it gives you less time to yourself during the night time, what with school work,extracurricular activities and time with friends. The biggest impact of having a part-time job at this time is school. You never have enough time to get school work done. Well, YOU might, but in my case, when I do school work at home, I like knowing I have time all night to do my work… not a time limit. For example, say I have to work at 6 – 8 and I have homework to do.

On some days, I have sports after school until 5, meaning I might have 15 minutes to do work, because then I have to eat supper with my family when I’m home, too. On another day when I don’t have sports after school, I could go home, do some homework, eat supper, then work. When I’m older and going to University, living in my own house, and probably still actively involved in extracurricular activities, having a job to maintain would only make it more difficult to get work done.

Knowing that universities don’t care if you’re not there or handing in work on time, it’ll be harder to get stuff done while maintaining a job. You eventually get used to it at one point, but that big life change and working somewhere, it would be fairly difficult and time consuming. It’ll take time to get used to all the responsibility,however.Maintaining a job in the future may impact my life in a variety of ways, but I feel like it will make me appreciate the deeper meaning of my personal and home life… I hope so anyway.


If I Were to Change
The World…

By Rochelle Green
Berens River School

If I were to change the world,

I’d cancel future world war 3,

Starvation around the world,

Child abuse and also animal abuse.

If I were to change the world,

There’s be a home for everybody on this

Free internet everywhere,

A cure for cancer and no annual purge.

If I were to change the world,

You wouldn’t have to be bored all the time,

You wouldn’t have to pay for food,

You wouldn’t have to drink dirty water or
have to do chores,

You wouldn’t even have to drive with a
driver’s license.

If I were to change the world,

I would make the world a better place.



Grade 8 Poetry

Untitled by Aiyanna Daychief

We have been too focused on the new way
of life that now we don’t play like we used
to we’d rather go on our phones.

We don’t care like we used to, we just let
our feelings destroy us like a wrecking ball.

We don’t have the same respect for each
other like we used to. We just say what
comes to mind in the heat of the moment.

We have to change.

We have to remember our elder’s words,
when they tell you something keep that
knowledge and pass it on.

That’s how we will change and go back to
caring for each other and respecting each
other and our world.

If we lose our culture we lose our knowledge
and ourselves and we’ll be left with

So please talk to your elders, ask them
questions, try to bring back our way of life,
and maybe then, there will be no hurt and
no destruction so we can rebuild ourselves
for the better.