Season 5: Hope Amidst Adversity

“Hard hitting and unapologetic”, is how many would describe the cutting edge TV series, Blackstone. With the fifth season set to premiere this fall, however, the series known for its raw portrayal of life on a First Nation reserve may be looking to show its softer side. “It’s still the ‘in-yourface’ Blackstone that our fans know and love” says Executive Producer, Writer and Director, Ron E. Scott. “And, we continue to showcase the ‘ripped from the headlines’ stories, some of which, won’t sit well with some people, but I thought it was important to also show that hope can be found in the struggles we all face”.

The fifth season picks up in the height of the commotion around Wendy Bull’s kidnapping. Panicked and grief-stricken, the Stoneys fight for authorities to expand the search effort. Meanwhile, Chief Victor is MIA and the lack of leadership has left the Blackstone community struggling. Andy tries to work his usual channels to stay out of jail while attempting to reestablish himself as Chief.

Leona gets close to a girl in the foster care system, but is left seeking justice when tragedy strikes. A struggling, sober Gail searches for a new identity and a new path while coping with Wilma’s failing health. Smokey moves back to Blackstone to serve the community and Daryl makes a life altering decision after a business deal pulls him and Gina deeper into a criminal world.

“Blackstone has always been a show that challenged its audience with authenticity”, says Scott, “and season five is no different. There is a subtle undertone of hope and healing as the characters face their adversities”. True to its real-world approach, season five takes on the present day issue of violence against aboriginal women. “These are stories that need to be told”, says Scott “and while Blackstone is first-and-foremost an entertaining TV series, it has always been intended as a platform for heightened social awareness”.

Season 5 also explores some shocking realities in today’s foster care system. “I was so disturbed when I did the research for this story”, says Scott. “So much so, that I didn’t know if I could put it in the show. It’s going to stir up complex emotions for a lot of people, however, if Blackstone can be a catalyst for meaningful change, then the controversy will be well worth it”.

Blackstone airs this fall on APTN.