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Perfect for schools, libraries, communities, friendship centres, fundraisers, retail and so much more!

Retail / Cover Price  
Bulk Pricing Per Unit  
7-49 $5.99
50-199 $4.00
200-499 $3.60
500-999 $3.20
1000-1999 $2.80


Note: All prices are before taxes.


Distribute a gift that your prospects, clients and community will LOVE! Purchase a bulk order of SAY Magazine with a customized sticker ‘Complimentary issue sponsored by <<Your Business/Organization’s Logo>>’.

Ask us for special pricing for custom stickers or other custom distribution options to meet your needs. Provide us with a customized mailing list and we will take care of the rest, or ship your order to a single location.

Request a quote: sales@saymag.com



Purchase a digital-only subscription to SAY Magazine and receive an unlimited access code for your organization to use. Distribute your unique access code to your membership or team members for them to enjoy!

An alternative “no-contact” delivery method for all our great stories straight to your inbox. Plus no extra shipping costs!

Request a quote: sales@saymag.com

Wonder what SAY Magazine is all about? Enjoy a free sample digital issue on us!

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