Digital subscription now available for groups, organizations, schools, associations etc. We offer a reduced rate depending on the number of seats.

Share inspiring stories of First Nations, Métis and Inuit success with your community without the extra cost of printing & shipping! It’s is a no-contact delivery method for all our great stories straight to your inbox.

Your unique access code for your subscription allows you to distribute our people’s stories to your community in whatever way suits you best.  Why not try a pilot with a single magazine back issue and see what the response is like? 

Digital yearly access Pricing Chart

Includes 6 digital issues of SAY Magazine, start any time of the year!

No. of Seats
Rate/Seat Savings
2-49 16.50 25%
50-199 9.90 55%
200-499 7.7 65%
500-1999 4.4 80%
2000-4999 3.30 85%
5000 + 2 95%

Bulk orders in Print

Perfect for schools, libraries, communities, friendship centres, fundraisers, retail and so much more!

Retail / Cover Price 7.99  
Bulk Pricing   % of Retail
7-49 5.99 0.75
50-199 4.00 0.50
200-499 3.60 0.45
500-999 3.20 0.40
1000-1999 2.80 0.35


Note: All prices are before taxes and shipping costs.


Are you a guidance counsellor or teacher looking for meaningful content to share with your students?

Designed as a companion guide to our popular post-secondary Education Guide, the career guide focuses on innovative career paths & programs that are less than 2 years.

Business Clients

SAY Magazine is the perfect vehicle to distribute as a gift to your prospects, clients and community. Purchase a bulk order with a customized sticker ‘Complimentary issue sponsored by <<Your Business/Organization’s Logo>>’.

Ask us for special pricing for custom stickers or other custom distribution options to meet your needs.

Provide us with a customized mailing list and we will take care of the rest, or have the entire order shipped to a single location.
For more information or to place an order call Terra at 204-977-2805 or email


SAY Magazine wants to share positive Indigenous stories of hope and resilience in your community. And you can raise money for the things you care about most. Maybe you have a sports team or community garden you would like to support. Or any other grassroots project.

Who really needs another box of chocolates anyway? SAY Magazine is a healthy and engaging alternative for your next fundraiser! The model is easy: buy more, save more, raise more.

EXAMPLE: An order of 50 copies per print run (at cost) means 50% of the cover price goes toward your fundraising goals. The cover price of a single issue is $7.99. If you sold all 50 copies, you would fundraise $200.00 for your community. The more you sell, the more you raise.

For more information or to place an order call us toll-free at (855) 313-2805 or contact Megan via email at

Wonder what SAY Magazine is all about? Enjoy a free sample digital issue on us!


SAY Magazine would love to be more visible in community stores, both rural and urban. Contact us today about bulk order purchases for your grocery store, convenience store or entertainment centre.
Retail price of a single issue is $7.99. The more you purchase the better the margins. As an example, with an order of 50 copies per print run, you save 50% off the cover price.

For more information or to place an order call Terra at 204-977-2805 or email

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