In 1983, the Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development Inc. or, more commonly known as CAHRD, was an outreach project with Canada Employment Centres, and was limited to only being able to offer employment services to Aboriginal people in Winnipeg. Even back in 1983, CAHRD understood that for Aboriginal people to transition to successful employment more than employment services needed to be offered.

Today, CAHRD proudly offers literacy, education, post-secondary training and employment services to the Aboriginal people in Winnipeg. Multiple support services are also offered that not only enhance the services that CAHRD provides, but also works towards enhancing the over-all experience for all CAHRD students who attend its programs. Services are provided in partnership with all levels of government, industry, other post-secondary institutions and, most importantly, the community.

Neeginan College of Applied Technology, CAHRD’s post-secondary training division offers post-secondary programming mainly in industrial trades. Recently, Neeginan College was awarded funding through Western Economic Diversification Canada for its Computer Numerical Control (CNC) program. The funding will be used to purchase state-of-the-art equipment so that program trainees are trained on the most efficient and most technological advanced machinery available.

CNC Operators oversee the operation of all CNC equipment, often operating three or four machines at a time in larger manufacturing facility. Most operators are employed in the fabricated metal, machinery and plastics products manufacturing industries and require skills to operate or run the CNC Machine – not how to design one.

CAHRD’s CNC Machine Program is designed to be 8 months in length and to accommodate 12 to 16 students in each offering. The program will be offered on a continuous repeating cycle basis (every 8 to 9 months). The curriculum consists of Math, Blue Print Reading, Safety and Precision Measurement, Technical training including 25% theory and 75% practical, and concluding with a one-month work practicum.

Applicants who require pre-program training will be enrolled in Pre- Trades Preparation, which would consist of trades specific upgrading, Essential Skills, high school Math and English, and employability skills. The length of this pre-program would be specific to the individual applicant’s needs, ranging from one month to three or four months.

CAHRD has been successful in delivering labour market programs to Aboriginal people for many years and this program is offered, as is CAHRD’s practice, in response to discussions with the manufacturing and aerospace sectors to determine the demand for employment opportunities.

Skills development programming has increasingly become more employer/industry driven. Neeginan College has developed industry advisory committees for all of its training programs, which facilitates on-going industry input into program development and delivery. In order to maintain responsiveness to industry needs, based on rapidly changing technology and market demands, CAHRD will continue to meet this challenge by assisting Aboriginal people to gain the skills they need to secure employment – Creating Futures One Family At A Time.