is also Massey Whiteknife, a 35-year-old member of the Mikisew Cree First Nation, who identifies both as a man sometimes and as ICEIS Rain, a woman, at other times. ICEIS Rain explains “Being two-spirited you have accepted both your masculinity and femininity and you embrace both your spirits.”

Living his two-spirit identity means that by day he is an openly gay male business owner in the Alberta oil sands and at night, she is ICEIS Rain; a talented female karaoke performer. Born and raised in the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo region, Iceis Rain makes both Fort MacKay, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia her home.

For the past two decades she has built a successful career in the Alberta oil field industry but as well as and most recently starring in the critically acclaimed documentary ‘Oil Sands Karaoke’. Iceis Rain is an entrepreneur, performer and youth advocate.

ICEIS Rain has been featured in a number of noteworthy mediums including Alberta Venture magazine, Breakfast Television, City TV and CBC radio. Iceis Rain is thrilled to have released her debut album ‘The Queen’ which is a collection of Rock Anthems and Ballads with a Country air sure to inspire people in the LGBT community and First Nations people—“just never give up and be proud of who you are”!