• allows you to gain skills and experience in a number of ways
  • allows you to show what you can do
  • allows you to make some contacts in the world of ‘work’
  • allows you to obtain a reference
  • allows you the opportunity to learn how the work world works
  • allows you to take some ‘real’ experience back to the classroom and apply to the lessons
  • allows you to try out some of your own ideas
  • allows you to learn what employers look for in an employee
  • allows you to make some money
  • allows you find out what you are or are not good at
  • allows you to learn how to manage your money
  • allows you to obtain different types of experiences, which assists how well-rounded a
    candidate you are when applying for a permanent job
  • allows you the opportunity to communicate, work in a team, solve problems, initiative
  • allows for valuable lessons on responsibility and life – show up on time, do a job that
    might not be ‘fun’
  • allows you to demonstrate ‘stick-to-it-ness’, known as persistence
  • allows for experience in filling in application forms
  • allows opportunities for managing your time
  • allows you experience in dealing with last minute changes
  • allows you to practice your job hunting skills

AND the Two Most Important attributes employers look for are: initiative and positive