In honor of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we asked Franco Buscemi and Cara Currie Hall …

‘What is the Bravest, Boldest thing you have ever done as a Parent?’

Franco Buscemi, General Manager of the Uqsuq Corporation, Iqaluit, Nunavut responded:

“The bravest thing I’ve done as a father is accept failure in one aspect of my life without it affecting my ability to be a father to my children. And through that failure I was actually able to become a better father to my sons and daughter.

Parenting isn’t easy, I can imagine why so many fathers have walked away from their families. Failing in front of your children is such a heavy burden to carry but failing in one part of life doesn’t mean you can’t be a good father.”

Cara Currie Hall, Strategist, New Town, North Dakota answered:

My husband Ken and I have an 11 year old daughter, Faith, who is our precious little wonder.

At her age she’s done a few pretty exciting things and they’re right up there with being bold and brave. She arranged to make an intervention to James Anaya, the UN Special Rapporteur when she was 7 years old. She met the President & First Lady of the United States and chatted with “Michelle” about makeup, fav colors, and kale chips. She’s friends with the ND Governor and Lt. Governor and spends a lot of time at the State Capital. She’s been to the United Nations. She was allowed to color her hair blue and gold for the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Game. She’s flown on an airplane since she was born and when she met Ted Danson a selfie was a given. She makes and cooks her own pancakes.

Our job as mothers is to care for our children and until you become a mother, you have no idea that this means – that you give up your life to raise them. Feeding, bathing, clothing, nurturing, guiding, protecting, everyday in everything. But, then they start to grow a little and then you have the funniest most sincere secret sharing times too. I catch myself staring at her hands, her feet, her face, and looking into her eyes to learn who she is and who she’s becoming. My heart is in awe. I have so much to teach her.

But, I believe [so far], The Boldest Brave Thing I ever did as a mom, was to allow my precious little wonder go out the door and take her first step into the world. I cried the day she walked up to her school bus for the first day of “Head Start”…I was happy, I was sad, I was scared…because, it really has been the start of all that’s followed since.