Inspiring Business Leaders
At the 2024 Vision Quest Conference and Trade Show

By Danielle Vienneau


Desiree Brightnose is one of 35 inspiring business leaders who will present a workshop at the 2024 Vision Quest Conference and Trade Show, which will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, from May 15 to 16. 

A proud ininīw woman from Chemawawin Cree Nation, Brighthnose owns and operates Tilted Teepee Productions, a video production company located in Winnipeg on Treaty 1 Territory. Brightnose uses her creativity to unlock “the power of spirit through storytelling” to create captivating films and does so through photography, videography, aerial cinema, and editing. 

Last year Brightnose was honored with the prestigious RBC Emerging Indigenous Filmmaker Award, which has allowed her to invest in advancing her career and expanding the reach of her company. In 2020 Brightnose graduated as valedictorian from Assiniboine Community College, where she studied interactive media arts, and in 2021 she was one of nine students selected to the National Screen Institute’s CBC New Indigenous Voices program. “I used to be such a quiet, timid person, and it wasn’t until I started my program at College that I found my voice and the confidence to step into who I am as an Indigenous woman. And that’s where it all started, says Brightnose.” 


As a workshop facilitator, she looks forward to sharing her knowledge with delegates at the Vision Quest Conference and Trade Show. In the first of two workshops, Brightnose will share her business journey on a panel alongside two other entrepreneurs, Lorne Pelletier and Dwayne Bird. The second workshop, Introduction to Filmmaking; A Beginners’ Guide to Camera Work, is a hands-on interactive session for youth. During this workshop, Brightnose will cover fundamental camera functions, and explore camera movement and framing techniques to enhance filming capabilities and storytelling prowess through the camera. 

“I’m grateful to have been asked to be a presenter,” says Brightnose. “I am humbled because I’m still learning. I hope the information I have to share will help others who want to start their own companies because we live in such a colonized world. I hope I can bring those teachings and make the business space a better environment for our people.”

Her passion for Indigenous language revitalization and cultural knowledge led her to establish Tilted Teepee Productions in 2020. Through her company, she is a dedicated advocate for Indigenous stories, fostering deeper cultural connections and bridging cultural knowledge. Her compelling narratives expertly blend digital media and storytelling, empowering Indigenous Peoples to reconnect with their culture and heritage.

When asked about the business name, Titled Teepee Productions, she says, “I wanted something that would speak to my culture, and back then, our stories were told in teepees. As my husband and I were brainstorming, the word “tilted” came up and not only did it sound good but it made sense. Not everything has to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be perfectly straight. So that’s where the name comes from.” 

In addition to expanding her business, she has some big plans for the future. “Because I grew up in Brandon, I didn’t grow up around or have access to speakers. My grandparents lived up north, so I didn’t have access to knowledge keepers,” she explains. “I want to work on language revitalization with a language series I am working on. I want to help bridge the gap, and make it easier for beginners to learn from the comfort of their homes.” Brightnose has also written some short films that she would like to start developing, and after finding an office space, she hopes to hire a crew in the near future. “It’s a slow process, but there’s no rush. It all comes with time. I still consider myself a baby in the industry.” 

Brightnose enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge and hopes to continue offering workshops for others, especially youth. “I’ve been given a lot of great opportunities, like presenting at Vision Quest,” says Brightnose. “I want to help the next generation of storytellers and get them started. That’s really what it’s all about.”

Delegates attending the 2024 Vision Quest Conference and Trade Show can expect a jam-packed two days in addition to meeting Brightnose and other inspiring leaders. There are 14 workshops, including two high-profile keynote presenters: producer, mentor, and entrepreneur Lisa Meeches and award-winning actor/comedian Tatanka Means. Attendees will also enjoy the highly anticipated Trade Show, which is free to the public. SAY Magazine is honoured once again to be a Vision Quest media partner at the event and will be hosting a booth during the trade show.  

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