The Indian Resource Council (IRC) is an advocacy organization on behalf of First Nations communities who have energy interests, primarily in oil and gas.  The IRC has commissioned a paper by the Canada research chair in regional innovation Dr. Ken Coates titled “First Nations engagement in the Energy sector in Western Canada”.  The paper demonstrates that First Nations have been involved in the energy sector for years while at the same time showing the need for more meaningful involvement today, as projects are being proposed, and into the future.  Please visit the IRC’s website to download a digital copy today at www.irccanada.ca

The IRC will be offering courses this fall including “Pipeline Overview” and “Petroleum Industry Overview” beginning September 2016 in Northern and Southern Alberta.  These courses will be offered in additional locations in the fall and 2017.  The IRC covers the cost of the tuition fees for members who wish to attend.  For more information and to register please contact

the National Energy Business Centre of Excellence (NEBCE) department at 403-2818308.  The IRC is also offering education presentations for the JTC1 readiness program that is designed to assist First Nation communities in their preparations for the upcoming proposed changes to the Indian Oil and Gas Act.  Courses will be offered starting September in various locations, for more information and to request a presentation for your community please visit the IRC website or contact JTC1 program manager David Shade.

The IRC is holding the Pipeline Gridlock conference on October 3 & 4, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency in Calgary, Alberta.  The conference will be a Nation-to-Nation gathering to discuss solutions to the current energy infrastructure challenges and the need for more meaningful involvement and engagement of First Nation communities in the development of these projects.  The conference will gather leaders from First Nations along with Federal and Provincial governments, regulatory body representatives and leaders from the energy industry.  For more information on the conference please visit the website at www. pipelinegridlock.com

The IRC is working on a number of other initiatives that will promote growth opportunities and economic development for its members and partners. Please visit the IRC website for a listing of upcoming events and to sign up for our newsletter. Wishing all students a successful school year ahead!