Native American Singer/Songwriter

The Oklahoma native sings her heartfelt lyrics with a soulful delivery that ranges from the anthemic to the angelic – and her backing band lays down an impressive array of musical styles behind her.

“My songs are really just about things most of us go through in our journey through life,” says Jamie. “Simple human things like love and loss, joy and heartache.”

“It’s all the stuff I grew up listening to, from Otis Redding to Aretha Franklin, Elton John and the Beatles,” she explains.

“Day After Day” is not just the title of her new album, but also the theme. The album won awards at both the Orange County Music Awards and the Native eMusic Awards. “Day After Day” was nominated for the 2015 Indigenous Music Awards Best Pop Cd category.

The songs from the album were also heavily featured in several films including the Cannes-screened ‘Deceit’ with Joe Pantoliano and the indie-comedy ‘Long-Term Relationship’ plus the TV series ‘Ghost Whisperer’ with Jennifer Love Hewitt.