Jerch Law – Aboriginal Law and Treaties

Jerch Law is a dedicated team of lawyers, researchers, historians, and paralegals, who are committed to bringing the highest quality legal services to First Nations communities and organizations. Its legal practice is based on years of collaboration with its clients in the following areas:

• Aboriginal rights and treaties
• Indigenous laws and governance
• First Nations citizenship and Indian Act registration
• Litigation • Environmental law
• Economic development
• Historic claims and the Indian Act
• Employment law
• Real estate law
• Residential schools compensation
• Oral history and ethnohistory
• Corporate and commercial law

Members of Jerch Law’s legal team include lawyers from Anishnaabe, Cree and Oji-Cree communities. Jerch law’s philosophy is based on respect for the diversity of First Nations traditions and customs, and it is committed to building relationships with its clients in order to develop innovative solutions based on its clients’ actual needs and values.

Jerch law is currently a law firm with 6 lawyers.

• Michael Jerch (senior lawyer and principal of Jerch Law)
• Seneca Longclaws
• Monique Lariviere
• Roxanne Meawasige
• James Beddome
• Sharon Mason
• Sage Longclaws (articling student at law)

Jerch Law has brought forth test cases on Aboriginal law to Canadian courts, argued court interventions introducing the unique perspectives of its clients, assisted the strategic planning of important cases, and structured economic development and service delivery institutions. Its lawyers have appeared for First Nations in all levels of Court in Manitoba, the Federal Court, and the Supreme Court of Canada.

For more information on Jerch Law, go to or call 204-774-8300.