With a music career spanning over three decades, John McLeod is known for his unique country-blues style, blending traditional country music with his own personal twist to the genre. McLeod is a Métis singer-songwriter and guitarist of the Sapotaweyak Ojibwa tribe (Manitoba, Canada).

His music has taken him all over the world and earned him several accolades, including being inducted into the South Australia Country Music Hall of Fame in 2011, where his name and handprint are permanently inscribed onto a concrete guitar on public display in Barmera, South Australia. In 2014, McLeod was nominated by the Native American Music Awards for Best Country Recording for his album 3 of a Kind.

Over the years, his songs have certainly caught the attention of listeners around the globe. “Métis Indian Song” (Moving On, 2009) reached #1 on the Canadian National Aboriginal Top 30 Countdown, remaining there for two weeks. He hit #8 in Germany and #11 in Austria with “Nashville Nights” (Moving On). “Lazy Vampire” (3 of a Kind, 2013) has been a popular hit worldwide, with nearly 60,000 views on YouTube. His most recent singles include “Lucy Jane” (2016), “Love Echoes” (2018) and “Peyote Jim” (2019).

McLeod’s journey has not always been a straightforward one. In addition to being an artist, he has also worked as a driller, oilman, bush pilot and businessman. In 2006, at the age of 49, John had a triple by-pass. Most people would be happy just to be alive and tread carefully for the rest of their years, but not McLeod. Two days after his operation, he was back to work. He soon went to California to further pursue his music and found the warmth of the sun and the desert mountains a perfect mix for his heritage and spirituality.

McLeod currently resides in Palm Desert, California. His many interesting life experiences, the stories of his travels and the people he has met along his journey through life continue to attract new fans from around the world. McLeod feels he has been given a second chance at life, and he intends to enjoy it while telling his story through song. He hopes that others will see that you are never too old to pursue your dreams.