Women in the skilled trades

This is an enormous opportunity for women seeking secure, well-paid and fulfilling employment in challenging careers.

Women can fill the gaps.

Journeyman can help.

This national program to promote, support and mentor women employed or considering employment within the unionized skilled construction trades was launched at the recent 2014 Canadian Building Trades Legislative Conference.

Journeyman founder and primary spokesperson Jamie McMillan is a Hamilton, Ontario ironworker who passionately believes that women have what it takes to be successful in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Journeyman is represented nationally by female representatives who are apprentices or Journeymen, each a member of one of the 14 Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU) affiliated trade unions. These women are responsible for mentoring trade workers and aspiring male and female workers, as well as attending various regional and local events on behalf of CBTU, including networking functions, mentorship events, high schools, charity and media events, trade shows and career fairs.

Lindsay Amundsen, Director of Program Development and Operations for Journeyman, said each of the representatives work in a variety of trades and have diverse backgrounds, stories and experiences.

“What inspires me about our representatives is how much they love what they do. They are passionate, strong and dedicated to what they do. I feel that they are trailblazers for the next generation of tradeswomen. I am so proud to work with them and I am so proud of the Journeyman program,” said Amundsen.

Construction is not just for the boys!

Construction is not just a job for the boys; today many women are enjoying great careers in the trades. Today, intelligence, creativity and training are highly valued, most of the muscle is provided by machines. The members of the Building Trades are working smarter, not harder. Modern technology and equipment have provided the workforce with a mechanical advantage to make our workplace less hazardous and more ergonomically friendly. Technology has opened doors for women to join a once male dominated workforce and bring home a substantial pay check. Now women from all walks of life are joining union apprenticeship programs and becoming successful, respected Journeymen.