Justinsayne N8V raps in many styles; he can bust out harmonies, attack metal screams and swoon with a deep soulful growl. This Native American underground artist delivers songs that are personal, deep and straight from the heart in his own unique rock/rap/native style, self-dubbed “Rap & Roll” and “Pop & Mosh”.

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, USA, this Ojibwe Seventh Fire Warrior of the Bear Clan from White Earth Reservation (Minnesota) now resides in Oregon, where he has garnered a dedicated fan base of “justinsayniacs”.

He rocked the independent underground scene when he launched RED LIST in 2012. This debut album was thought-provoking, backed by amazing music production, heavy guitar riffs, 808 bass, turntable scratch action, head bangers and dance grooves.

His follow-up album WAGON BURNER was a continuation of the brutal, in-your-face head banger sound, mixed with melodic dark overtones, and was named one of the 10 best albums of 2014 in Oregon. The lyrics speak of love and respect, real life struggles and evolution as a race.

Justinsayne has performed at numerous festivals across the country and gone on six national tours with other leading artists in the underground scene. A strong collaborator, Justinsayne has been featured in over 40 songs with other artists, and is a familiar face in the underground hustler series of mix tapes.

He just released his third album this past February, titled BORDERLINE PERSONALITY. It promises to be another amazing journey through the heart, mind and voice of this talented artist.

Through his music, Justinsayne N8V stays true to his roots and traditions. His song-writing is smart, complex and offers a strong positive message, while simultaneously reminding us of the real world we live in and how we can help change it for the better.