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If you have ever thought about a career in the Information technology (IT) field, Red River College Polytechnic has exactly what you need to start your journey on the right path and there is no time like the new year to take action. If you’re into tech and wondering if a career in IT would be a good fit for you, try answering these questions:

  • Are you Curious? 
  • Do you think of creative solutions to problems in your everyday life?
  •  Does your family ask you to troubleshoot their electronics for them?
  •  Do you enjoy collaborating with others and working in a team?
  •  Do you like playing video games and want to know how they work?
  •  Are you interested in having an online store?
  •  Do you want to start an online business?
  •  Do you have great ideas for telling stories through digital mediums?
  •  Do you see websites or online services and think, “I can do this better”?


If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above questions, Pathway to Information Technology Programs can help you find the best program to achieve your career goals and develop your tech skills. With this experience under your belt, you are sure to find a job and get paid for doing something you are interested in, and we want to help get you there. Committing to a full-time diploma program is a huge decision. You could spend a lot of time, money, and effort before really knowing what you want to do with your career. With Pathways, you can explore the different options in a specific industry while preparing for the overall dedication and hard work that come with college diploma programs. It’s like taking a dip in the shallow end of the education pool to adjust to the temperature, stretch your muscles, and get warmed up. When you’re finished, you’ll be ready to jump off the diving board into the deep end of college, where you’ll get the qualifications and confidence you need to land a fulfilling, profitable career in information technology. Pathway to IT Programs preps you for Business Information Technology, Information Security, and/or IT Operations. It also makes you eligible for one of five reserved seats in each of these programs so you don’t have to sit on a waitlist. For more information, check out the Program Explorer page:

Designed to provide admission to Indigenous Manitobans, the Pathway program is designed for those who have not had the opportunity to participate or succeed in post-secondary education due to various socioeconomic or cultural factors. Pathway programs are preparatory and exploratory experiences that help ensure academic, personal, social, and financial readiness and provide the skills and support needed to confidently transition into specific RRC Polytech programs. Here is how it works.


Pathway to IT Courses. First term (4 month)

 Communication Strategies: Improves person-to-person communication by teaching strategic communication practices such as knowing what you want to say, how to say it, and the best ways to get someone to understand you.

Introduction to Business: Computing: Teaches how to use Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and how these can work for you. 

IT Service Management: Teaches how to meet the needs of a business, how to train customers on using new technology, and troubleshoot common IT problems. 

IT Foundations: Introduces common IT departments and the roles of various IT professionals. Students will also learn software and app development, installing additional devices to computers like printers, and how computers physically operate.

Introduction to Professional Studies: Teaches you everything you need to know for college that no one ever thinks to teach, like setting goals, improving time management, developing studying and test-taking skills, understanding self-assessment and reflective practice, and developing critical thinking. 


Second term (4 months) 

Introduction to Program Logic: Introduces you to programming and computational operations. 

Customer Experience: Teaches you the “value delivery model”, prepares you for scenarios with customers through role-playing and simulations, and introduces you to conflict management techniques. 

Security Foundations: This shows you how to assess digital security, monitor digital threats, and respond to specific events. Sprint to Innovate: This is a work-integrated learning experience where you can apply everything you learned in your other courses to develop solutions for clients’ IT challenges.

Introduction to Computer Technology Professions: Introduces you to a range of professions within IT and you can learn about different career options. Thanks to the generous support of RBC Future Launch, tuition for this program is only $500.


If you’re ready to apply for the Pathway to IT Programs, email Indigenous Liaison Advisor Marshall Richard at or