Writer: Sheldon McRae, APTN Communications Coordinator

Delmer & Marta is an original, comedic sneak peek web series that’s inspired by two characters from the network’s hit series CAUTION: May Contain Nuts (CMCN). They were so popular that APTN made its first web series featuring this curiously odd couple!

From the over the edge, award-winning humour of CMCN come Delmer & Marta, and they’re going to take over Morning- side, Alberta, like a swirling storm of loose hay bales! It’s similar to classic Canadian sketch comedy with the right amount of Indigenous shenanigans.

Log on and look out for this lovable duo as Marta becomes a host for a local TV show. Her endearing antics and personality are sure to be a hit, and Marta is going for it. While Delmer will be supportive of Marta’s pursuits, he’ll also pursue adventures like starting a band and more!

Watch Delmer & Marta at aptn.ca/delmerandmarta Now some of you might recall the charming Gracey Dove of underEXPOSED when she was featured in this spot one year ago. Guess what? She’s back with more eye-popping adventures in season three of this documentary series featuring adventure sports and what it takes to be a notable photographer in the industry.

She now has a master plan to focus on athletes whose winning performance will help place her closer to snapping that career-launching momentous shot.

Before Gracey heads out for another crack at a season of shooting, she meets a new connection to gain tips on how to succeed in the adventure sports industry. Canadian Hall of Fame dual sports snowboard and mountain bike athlete, Brett Tippie joins the underEXPOSED crew along with mentor Mark Gallup to host more adrenaline fueled and action-packed adventures.

Join Gracey as she shares her journey in the show’s newest season. From her travels to the Crankworx mountain bike festival in Whistler, BC to the Northern Alberta Native Cowboy Association Finals in Onion Lake, SK, and even to the Canadian Wakeboard Nationals in Bala Bay, ON and beyond!

Will Gracey capture her shot from the perfect angle this season?

underEXPOSED, Season 3 / PREMIERES

JANUARY 5 AT 4:30 P.M. on APTN East (ET), APTN West (MT) and APTN HD (ET)

JANUARY 9 AT 11:00 A.M. on APTN North (CT)

Did you miss any episodes of seasons 1, 2 or 3? You can watch them online at aptn.ca, click on “Full Episodes” and scroll down to underEXPOSED.