Elder in Residence at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Social Work and Red River College, from 2012 to 2014, she was part of the National Task Force on Sex Trafficking of Canadian Girls.

The elder was also named to the Mayor’s Indigenous Advisory Circle and she is the only Manitoba recipient of the 2016 Indspire Awards, receiving the award for Culture, Heritage and Spirituality.

Growing up on Kississing Lake, in Northern Manitoba, Campbell’s mother was a midwife while her father, sisters and brothers all trapped and fished for a living.

Because of this fear, Campbell found it hard to learn about her family and what they did.As she grew older, this lack of cultural identity caused Campbell to look for answers.She became a mother early, raising five children under difficult circumstances.

“I work with women because I firmly believe things will never change until our women
are healed,”

said Campbell.

“The abuse has to stop and our women must take their rightful place in our community. There is no other way.”