Two-Spirit, Indigiqueer artist Marx Cassity delivers inspired synth-driven electronic rock songs with Native nuances, that speak to overcoming hardship through resilience in connection to nature, humour, love, compassion, spirituality, and heritage. On a mission to help people embrace their identity, and guided by spirit and ancestors, Cassity is constantly exploring and evolving as an artist and a person. 


Cassity is an enrolled citizen of the Osage Nation, with Kaw, Saponi, and Susquehannock, as well as French, Scottish-Irish, Irish, English, and German heritage. They are named for their Osage Congressman grandfather Mark Freeman, Jr., and grew up on the Osage reservation on the land of their great-grandmother, original allottee Grace Lessert Freeman who taught them a love of playing piano. Drawn to the instrument from a very young age, Cassity ended up studying classical piano well into their college years. 

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