In operation sinc

e 1935, Monarch Industries is a privately-owned and well-established company servicing large original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and hydraulic distributors.

Monarch Industries, known for their engineering capabilities, is committed to providing quality products and services, meeting the diverse and changing needs of their customers. But it’s not just about the equipment. A successful company would be nowhere without good employees, and Monarch cares about their people and the communities in which they operate. They are also acutely aware of their environmental footprint and work collectively to comply with applicable laws, regulations and other environmentally-oriented requirements.

Approximately 600 people are employed by Monarch Industries in Manitoba, and Mark Coates (Métis) is one of those employees. He is the Vice President of Human Resources and has been working with the company for 15 years, which he explains is not that long in this industry. “We have a lot of people who have been here a lot longer than I have, some for 45 years and others 25 years or more,” he says. “People stick around here for a reason.”

Monarch Industries is a leader in providing excellent customer service and industry-leading quality products, but they also highly value a positive corporate culture and safety for their em

ployees. The company also has a corporate responsibility policy and is committed to creating a healthier environment for their employees and the community. As such, Monarch Industries is registered to the ISO 14001 (2015) environmental management standard and was one of the very first foundries in North America to achieve this environmental award.

When it comes to employees, Coates is focused on the recruitment and retention of quality people, particularly Indigenous employees. “We want and need more representation in this industry,” says Coates. “We’ve just added an employee assistance program to better support our workers, which helps connect them to a mental health professional or an Elder.”

“It’s not about a one-size-fits-all approach, but we want to make sure we are better at supporting our employees and addressing people’s unique needs when we can,” explains Coates.

With regards to Truth and Reconciliation, Monarch Industries has added TRC training by including a half-day seminar with all senior management staff where they learn about Canada’s history from an Elder—a truly eye-opening experience for many. “We want to make sure we are part of the conversation,” explains Coates, “so we make sure to promote seminars from the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation to any employee who wants to learn more, hopefully prompting somebody to dig deeper and learn about why we have an Orange Shirt Day, for example.”

“We want to make people feel comfortable with the uncomfortable, and we have to work on breaking down some of the stereotypes that are out there,” says Coates. “If we can create more understanding, we’re likely to get a lot closer to reconciliation.”

Employment at Monarch Industries

So what requirements are needed to work at Monarch Industries, and

what training is offered to those hired? If you’re hoping to pick the hydraulic cylinder, for example, you’ll need a machining background. There are about 100 positions that require a level of mechanical aptitude, reading comprehension and basic math. “That enables a person to come up to speed very quickly when hired to work here,” explains Coates. Once hired, staff undergo extensive safe work training and procedures, and on-the-job training. Monarch also provides cross-training for employees which means they can work in all kinds of different areas of the plant.

Coates mentions the opportunities for growth and advancement at Monarch. “The more you learn, the more you can do in the shop, and the higher you can go on the pay scale.” Monarch Industries supports the growth of its employees and encourages continuing education and training for everyone to benefit. “It’s a great place to work,” confirms Coates.

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Monarch Industries works frequently with the Bear Clan Patrol—a group of people who provide security for the Indigenous community in the inner city of Winnipeg in a non-threatening, non-violent and supportive way. As the temperature drops and the threat of winter is inevitable, Monarch Industries would like to encourage donations to the Bear Clan Patrol, which will distribute items to those in need. Find out more by visiting