SAY Magazine has always provided profiled positive successes and it is those who shared their stories who own the SAY legacy, people like Dominick Blais and Kent Brown.

A dream for my own children, SAY educated scores of folk, both indigenous and non-indigenous, and it is time to pass the torch to the next generation. While the values will not change, a new way of thinking, a new wave of confidence has swept in and it is time to ensure ALL of our people move forward.

It has been the people I have met on the journey who have impacted my own life, and it is the Creator who has given me the opportunity to live a full and amazing life – Thank you. 


Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Seneca


DOMINICK BLAIS | Co-Publisher SAY Magazine

The Back to School issue of SAY Magazine represents new beginnings, opportunity and change. Leslie Lounsbury, now former publisher of SAY Magazine, has dedicated 15 years of her life to the success of SAY Magazine and committed to positively impact Indigenous people across North America with messages of hope and positivity. She has a lot to be proud of!

I am privileged to have worked with such a pioneer for many years, developing not just a business relationship but also a great friendship. Personal events began to push an imminent retirement on Leslie and the question became who would be her successor and continue the SAY Magazine legacy. You can imagine my surprise when Leslie proposed that I be the one to carry the torch. I had never imagined owning a magazine before and even though I was deeply honoured, I knew I couldn’t do this on my own. I am proud to take on this new venture with a long-time friend of mine, Mr. Kent Brown, who embodies what SAY Magazine stands for. Utilizing his gift as a Motivational Speaker and Olympic Boxer, Kent melds both his First Nation traditions along with his boxing background to give back to his community; inspiring youth to believe in themselves and make positive life choices.

If you recall, the theme of the summer issue was “Partnerships for Hope.” How fitting! Leslie left big shoes to fill, but our hope is to continue what she started: to provide a valuable resource for youth, to continue showcasing positive stories of Indigenous people, to remain impartial on political issues, and to provide hope for the generation to come.

KENT BROWN | Co-Publisher SAY Magazine

As a proud member of Fisher River First Nation I am very grateful and honoured to be asked by Dominick and Leslie to help carry on the vision and legacy of SAY Magazine. Our Indigenous people have so many inspiring stories that do not get the exposure they deserve in main stream media. As a matter of fact, many stories about our people are negative and SAY Magazine is very unique in that our vision/goal is to only tell positive stories about our people. This vision is something that I strongly believe in and why I jumped at the chance to partner with Dominick.

This endeavour will be a challenge that both Dominick and I are excited to take on as we both understand the potential of what Say Magazine can do for our youth. I know and appreciate all the years of dedication and hard work Leslie put into making this magazine successful, and I look forward to carrying on her legacy by creating new opportunities for Indigenous stories to be shared around the world.