SAY is excited to share a sneak peek of Inhabit Media’s upcoming cookbook Niqiliurniq: Recipes from Igloolik (to be released this fall). Created by five women (Micah Arreak, Annie Désilets, Lucy Kappianaq, Glenda Kripanik, and Kanadaise Uyarasuk) from Nunavut, this cookbook “was born from the idea of creating bonds between country food and healthy store-bought products”. Filled with a variety of meal ideas and treats, this cookbook is a resource meant to inspire people to be more hands-on, cooking meals from scratch while using simple and affordable ingredients. It not only provides creative alternatives to pre-packaged food, but it also shares nutritional knowledge.

As many more home-cooked meals have been made these past few months, maybe some of you have discovered your inner chef, or maybe you’re struggling to come up with yet another meal idea. Regardless of your culinary skills and motivations, we hope you find inspiration in the following pizza recipe directly from the pages of Niqiliurniq: Recipes from Igloolik, courtesy of Inhabit Media.