Skid Row CEO – Joe Roberts

Keynote Speaker at 2016 Vision Quest Conference

Ever found yourself stuck in life? For some it’s depression and poor grades, for others it may be more serious. So how do you rebound from tough stuff like drugs, gangs, crime and homelessness? How do we recover from what feels like impossible odds? Each of us knows deep inside there is more to us, but some days it just feels out of reach.

You’re invited to come and hear one man’s journey from the streets of East Vancouver to business success and how he found meaning helping others.

In this keynote, Joe teaches how anyone anywhere can overcome perceived limitations and live their dreams. Walk with Joe through the tough streets of East Vancouver in the 1980’s and experience the depths and degradation of a former homeless heroin addict. Joe teaches what everyone needs to know about connecting to the transforming power of purpose that led him off the streets to leadership and renewed life purpose.

How do I know what I want to do when I graduate?

What are the real roadblocks that face youth today.

How to stay inspired and motivated despite the world outside.

Should I go onto college/university – can I afford to?

What do I do if I’m not sure what to do?

How can I turn every challenge into an opportunity?

Joe’s Biography

The most effective leaders in society are those rare individuals who can inspire their audience with a passion that can only come
from personal experience. As the President and CEO of an extremely successful multimedia company, Joe Roberts has faced and
overcome key business challenges, which confront every modern organization.

Joe’s business solutions have made millions of dollars for his clients, across a variety of business sectors. It is from this experience that Joe draws when addressing Fortune 500 companies, boards of trade and professional associates internationally.

Joe is a college graduate with two business diplomas from Loyalist College in Ontario, where he won the coveted Laurie H. Cameron Memorial Award for academic excellence.

After which he began his professional career making cold-calls in the gritty world of photocopier sales. He quickly found himself promoted into a leadership and management position with a major audio-visual company.

With a track record of proven business success, Joe formed his own multimedia company, Mindware. In less than four years, he led his company to a phenomenal 800% increase in business, and made his first million before he was 35.

What is most amazing about this young man however is that in 1989 he was living on the streets of Vancouver as a homeless skid row derelict. Through perseverance, determination and his resilient human spirit, Joe pulled himself out of the darkness and despair, to become a highly respected business and community leader of today.

Drawing on the tremendous courage and determination necessary for his dramatic personal transformation, Joe now uses his
amazing story, insightful humor and solid business experience to inspire individuals and organizations to achieve their own
remarkable goals!