Some Interesting Information on Tattoos

  • In Pacific Cultures tattooing has a huge historic significance. Polynesian tattooing is considered the most intricate and skillful tattooing of the ancient world
  • The Maori of New Zealand had created one of the most impressive tattoo cultures of all those in Polynesia
  • Borneo is a rare example of where traditional tribal tattooing is still practiced in just the same way as it has been for thousands of years
  • Hanuman in India was a popular symbol of strength on arms and legs
  • In Sioux cultures men don’t tattoo their faces, only women do
  • The Mojave tattooed women’s chins to ensure their passage into the afterlife
  • An American Indian Tattoo was occasionally used by both Indian men and women as decoration
  • Indigenous tattoos might be symbolic marking an important event in a person’s progress in life from one status to another, coming of age or a initiation which was often accompanied by ceremonies
  • Traditional Indigenous tattoos were used to indicate an affiliation to a specific clan or tribe
  • Indigenous tattoos were used to intimidate enemies
  • Indigenous tattoos marked rank or status such as a Medicine Man
  • Indigenous tattoos conveyed highly symbolic spiritual and religious beliefs
  • Indigenous tattoos marked Distinction and Honor indicating special achievements and success in battle

It was believed that the application of certain symbols and colors afforded the wearer with ‘Magic’ for power and protection by drawing on natural powers and combining these with the power of the warrior. Tattoos and designs included stripes, circles and triangles.

The following Native American Symbols offer some ideas of tattoo designs that convey specific meanings. The beauty of these ideas for designs of American Indian Tattoos are in their simplicity and their

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