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As you may know, SAY is a print lifestyle magazine and contemporary resource for Indigenous people with the goal of uplifting our communities through positive stories. SAY Represents a huge opportunity for businesses, colleges, and universities to reach the indigenous communities who may otherwise be unreachable.

SAY Magazine is distributed across Canada and the United States. Digital distribution via e-subscription, Facebook (27,700 Likes), Twitter (3,656 Followers), LinkedIn, and Pinterest includes: on-reservation schools, post-secondary institutions (including Tribal Colleges), libraries, all Tribal/Band Administrations, Chief and Councils, Native communities, Urban Indian Centers, Friendship Centres, youth-serving agencies, Native/Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce members, casinos,  business and Native political organizations, etc.  

SAY is distributed to all key influencers in our Indigenous community and to grassroots contacts rarely reached by other publications. SAY can also distribute directly to delegates attending business and youth conferences, cultural and sports events and gatherings and has a high impression rating of over 4 times the regular magazine readership (6 to 8 readers per copy according to 3rd party study). SAY Magazine has a total distribution of approximately 40,000 copies (combined print and digital) per issue.  Print copies are available through subscription.

SAY Magazine can be found in 43 Coles bookstores and 88 Indigo/Chapter stores in Canada.
** Additional Special Promotions such as feature title pockets and cash desk promotion depend on the cover sponsor.

Special Distributions
Cover sponsors often purchase 3000 to 5000 copies to distribute in fairs and trade shows they are themselves attending.   The education guide, for example, will be distributed in Job fairs around Winnipeg this year as Red River College is the cover story.


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In addition to the above pricing, we offer special packages for Indigenous Conferences.

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