SAY Magazine has also entered into an arrangement with The Visionary Business Magazine.

Amanda June, a Native American (Navajo and Hopi) and Latina, is the owner of SmokeFire Media and editor of the new publication, The Visionary Business Magazine, which launched its first issue in March 2015. It is a national publication (based in Arizona) dedicated to cross-cultural business relations and economic development in Indian Country and Latino communities.

A graduate with a bachelor’s degree in nonprofit management from Arizona State University, Amanda has spent the last few years in marketing and public relations for nonprofits and small business.

Here is an excerpt of the article, ‘The New Faces of Native American Entrepreneurship’ posted March 26, 2015. The full article can be found at:

What does entrepreneurship mean for American Indian people? In creating a contemporary entrepreneurial context for American Indians, a perspective that is tailored to accept and honor culture and sustainability, we look towards those featured in this inaugural edition of The Visionary Business magazine. They are forging new ground in areas of tribal economic planning and development, arts and graphic design, public relations, as well as photography and media relations.

There are amazing Native entrepreneurs throughout Indian Country who are creating solutions for their communities and they are significant contributors to further tribal economic, community development, infrastructure and sustainability.

The bottom-line to a Native American entrepreneur means more than the almighty dollar; rather, it can mean community designed master planned communities, arts with deep meaning and cultural story, culturally-aligned design that manifests Native pride and professionalism and creating spaces and events that provide a cultural experience that both educates and inspires.

A link to SAY Magazine’s issues will be posted on The Visionary Business Magazine website.