Victor Tssessaze

is a Denesuline from Northlands First Nation in Lac Brochet, Manitoba. He
 has learned throughout his life from the different elders of various nations. He is able to portray the beauty of those teachings through spectacular works of art.

Painting the nature and traditional way of life since he was a teenager, he likes to paint to beauty of life and capture it on canvas. His paintings involve teachings he learned and passed on from our elders.

He has been employed as a Resolution Health Support Provider at Keewatin Tribal Council, in Northern Manitoba where he works with 11 communities for a healthy living and live in balance with nature. He is also involved in our traditional ceremonial way of life, carries a pipe, and carries traditional dene drum songs. He has provided workshops, healing circles and ceremonies as well as one on one counselling and support for clients of Indian Residential Schools who seek a healthy lifestyle. He also teaches and sings traditional drums songs as well as continuing his work as a full time painter.