Walt Pourier

Stronghold Society

Walt Pourier, Creative Director of Nakota Designs (an advertising design and graphics business), is Oglala Lakota, from the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Walt’s focus, through his art and design and through the many creative movements he supports, is to share messages of hope, inspiration, and healthy way of life outlooks. His outreach efforts have included youth movements, language revitalization campaigns, suicide prevention, ending domestic violence, food distribution, et cetera, which have reached many communities.

Over the years, the Society has grown to be recognized as an organization that is doing some very “grand” undertakings in Indian Country and elsewhere.

Their mission is to inspire confidence, creativity, hope, and ambition for the youth of native and non-native communities. They want to encourage youth to take action to live a healthy life in mind, body, and spirit through the diverse means of skateboarding, arts, and creative movements.

Located in the Denver, Colorado area, Stronghold Society’s goals are:

– To promote healthy way of life outlooks for youth of all races through skate competitions, media campaigns and community outreach work.

– To create and sustain skateparks in Native American communities through resources collected and/or developed by Stronghold Society.

– To empower young Native American girls to live life to its grandest through community gatherings offering support and guidance.

– To develop ongoing projects to empower our youth to live life.