Small Business

Winston Wuttunee is an Internationally-known Cree entertainer. well known in the Native community for 40 years, he has travelled throughout Canada, US and overseas, entertaining Prime Ministers and Royals alike.

He has wowed audiences as a singer, keynote speaker, and comedian. From the Red Pheasant First Nation, Eagle Hills Saskatchewan, Winston is fluent in Cree, English, French, and has working knowledge of German.

His formative years as a musician were spent in the Canadian Guards Regimental Band as a Clarinettist, which allowed him to broaden his musical repertoire to include Rock & Roll, Blues, Country & Western, Pop, and Classical.

In 2002, he became a Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, an honour bestowed upon him by the Annual Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards.

He is a proud father and grandfather to four boys, one daughter, and eight grandchildren. In 2013, he was the recipient of the Indspire Award for Culture, Heritage & Spirituality. His advice after years operating his business:

I encourage others to work hard, practice diligently, have integrity and be true to your word.

In my case as an entertainer, I would advise others to set a price. If you are a professional, set a decent price and stick to it. Be professional. Be professional in your appearance, choices of music, be proficient on the instrument you play and have a friendly business-like attitude. Have business cards. Develop a website. Be prepared to send out descriptions/ bios of your work. Be open to all media interviews—print, radio, and television. Pay whomever you employ properly and they will work hard for you. Be professional in all aspects.

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