The World Indigenous Business Forum (WIBF) is a platform in which participants discuss their vision, learn lessons from others and gain inspiration through addresses by key individuals. It is structured as an interactive discussion geared toward practical outcomes for participants, promoting engagement and connection.

The 2012 forum was hosted at Four Season’s Hotel Sydney in Sydney Australia. Participants came from key sectors including: Business, Corporations, Government and Indigenous Peoples. Each delegate was provided with valuable insight to take back to their communities and workplaces.

Since the inaugural WIBF in New York City in 2009, WIBF has become the foremost forum connecting the Indigenous Community with the Business, Government and Corporation sectors of the economy. The Indigenous people of the world play an integral part in achieving sustainable economic development in their respective lands. Engaging Free, Prior and Informed Consent will ensure a prosperous relationship between all parties involved.

It is the goal of WIBF to connect, share and inspire all those who participate, and that meaningful relationships are forged and continue to grow. Some of the topics were:

A Global Indigenous Industry: What is it and how do we access it?

Corporate Social Responsibility: It’s everyone’s business.

Indigenous Business – The new power players in the economy.

Validating Indigenous ways of doing Business

Indigenous Economic Development: The role of Government

Indigenous People: Economic Leaders

The 2013 event is held in Windhoek, Republic of Namibia, Africa and the speakers include:

Minister of Trade and Industry, Republic of Namibia; Shama Kabani, CEO, The Marketing Zen Group, Texas; and Ivan Makil, Founding Partner, Generation Seven Strategic Partners, Arizona.